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Our aim is to cure CML patients without allogeneic transplantation and improve treatment of CML .

Our group consists of scientists, clinicians and nurses interested in CML. We work all over the Nordic region, mainly at University Hospitals but also hematologists working in other hospitals are active in our group. We meet twice a year (generally April and November).

Our activities have been supported by partners in pharmaceutical industry, and we regard this cooperation as an essential element for progress

We will pursue our aim by conducting clinical trials and attached to such trials address scientific questions in the laboratory. Sampling of patient material during trials is key to solve scientific problems that may direct us toward new treatments.

Our clinical trials have been focused on use of different tyrosine kinase inhibitors, also combined with pegylated interferon. For patients who do well we have participated in discontinuation projects (we contributed 25% of patients to the big EuroSKI project, an European LeukemiaNet study. See http://www.leukemia-net.org

Guideline-based treatment depends on excellent assessment of disease burden. Standardization efforts for PCR measurement of residual disease have been carried out and continue in anEuropean framework (EUTOS).

Spread of knowledge through education activities, with CML school for young hematologists and an open CML Education Symposium have been arranged every second year. Treatment guidelines have been issued in all countries and on the European level.

Henrik Hjorth-Hansen,

NCMLSG - chairman